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BNC Connectors


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What is BNC Connectors ?

The BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connector is a miniature quick connect/disconnect radio frequency connector used for coaxial cable.

BNC Connectors and BNC Plugs Applications.

The BNC was originally designed for military use and has gained wide acceptance in video and RF applications to 2 GHz. The BNC uses a slotted outer conductor and some plastic dielectric on each gender connector. This dielectric causes increasing losses at higher frequencies. Above 4 GHz, the slots may radiate signals, so the connector is usable, but not necessarily stable up to about 11 GHz. Both 50 ohm and 75 ohm versions are available. The BNC connector is used for signal connections such as:

analog and serial digital interface video signals

radio antennas

aerospace electronics (avionics)

nuclear instrumentation

test equipment.



Cable Modems

Computer / LAN Connection

Medical Equipment

BNC Connectors For CCTV

The BNC connector is the most common connector in CCTV security and surveillance systems and is used to connect coaxial Connectors cable to CCTV cameras and equipment. The bayonet, or central pin, in the male connector guides the connection to the female connector, making a solid connection fast and easy.

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Types Of BNC Connectors

BNC Connectors are Mainly made of Two Different Types, 50 Ohm BNC Connectors, 75 Ohm BNC Connectors.

Both BNC Connectors are Slightly Different from each Other,

BNC Connectors Advantage

BNC Connectors are available for military, industrial and commercial applications as Wide Use for Quick Connections

50 Ω and 75 Ω impedance designs allow customers to match impedance to system requirements

Bayonet coupling mechanism provides positive Connection, quick Connecting,

BNC Connectors General Specifications

Type : BNC Coaxial Connectors

Manufacturer : Vishal Enterprise, Jamnagar – Gujarat – India, Manufacturer and Suppliers, Exporting BNC connectors World Wide

Diameter : Outer, Typical : 0.570 In (14.50 mm), BNC Connectors Male Type, 0.436 in (11.10 mm), BNC Connectors Female Type,

Cable use To Connect BNC Connectors : Coaxial Cables, Hence we can Identify BNC Connectors as Coaxial BNC Connectors

Cable Fixing : BNC Connectors Crimp Type

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BNC Connectors 50 ohm & 75 ohm Electrical Specification

Impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency Range 0-4 GHz with low reflection
M30912 Straight Connectors 0-4 GHz 1.30 Max
M30912 Right Angle Connectors 0-4 GHz 1.35 Max
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1500 VRMS
Voltage Rating 500V rms
Insulation Resistance 5000 MΩ min
Contact Resistance
Center Contact 1.5 mΩ
Outer Contact 0.2 mΩ
Braid to Body 0.1 mΩ
RF Leakage 55 dB min @ 3GHz
Insertion Loss 0.2 dB max @ 3 GHz